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The minigames server

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Sooo, prison is being replaced by minigames. So I and some server members have some ideas...

     - Tokens [Can be bought for money that is linked between servers, and can be turned back into money but you get a little less back, these tokens are used to gamble and buy items, the tokens can be acquired by doing parkour and other fun minigames.

     - Parkour [To earn tokens, the first time it´s cleared it gives more than when it gets cleared again]

     - PvP [Two different pvp modes, 1. all against all, when you get a kill, you get an x amount of tokens. 2. 1v1 and 2x2, bets are placed by the players and the winner get's the tokens]

Okay, that's all the suggestions and if you have any, leave them in the comments below

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Thanks for reading

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