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The mining laser ban

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So let's talk about the mining laser and it's ban, what pros and cons it has. My opinion is that it should be banned, but leave a comment with your opinion


     - Good for clearing out larger areas pretty fast if you don't have power armor with enchantments, since it only required the kit from yeomen, it was pretty easy to get
     - I used it to make more natural caves for my underground town, with the mode explosion...
     - Useful for mining

     - Bypasses towny which means greifing can be done without having access to the plots, although you have to be withing a chunk to actually reach anything. This can be prevented by claiming two chunks out but this causes high daily upkeep
     - Runs out of power quickly, the power tool can be much quicker than the mining laser if it's both enchanted and upgraded

In my opinion, Cons wins. Bypassing towny allows greifing and nothing can beat that. Do you have another opinion or want to say something, leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

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