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    [1] Be respectful to staff and players. [2] Don't maliciously grief other peoples creations. [3] Don't swear or use hate speach in the chat. [4] Don't advertise other servers IP address. ÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇ Items Can NOT be sold for less than the Minimum Prices You can NOT give minimum priced items away for free ÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇ No Molecular Assembler Chambers larger than 5x5x5 No Lag Machines or Factories, for example: - Huge Solar Farms, Large scrap factories - Huge ME Systems or Pipe Networks Your Base could be removed without warning' ÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇ Exploiting server bugs such as duplication bugs. The server staff team has experienced people that know how to look for people who duplicate items by using glitches, if you are suspected of using such a bug, you will be investigated and if you are found to be duplicating then you will be Instantly Banned Forever
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    Community Rules 1. Be respectful to Staff and players. Failure to do this will result in a warning, followed by a mute, jail time and potentially even a ban depending on the severity of the disrespect. 2. DonÔÇÖt grief other people's creations. This includes: destroying houses/property, placing trees in others houses, trapping players in bedrock, creating lava moats, and any other possible griefs that in turn would harm or upset another player(s). Fail to follow this rules will serve you with a 30 jailing all the way up to a permanent ban depending on the scale of the grief. if you falsely accuse someone of griefing, punishment will be 30 minutes jail and a temp ban from server for 1+ hours. 3. Don't use hate speech in chat. Hate Speech covers: racism, sexism, homophobia and other slurs. Failure to comply with this rule with result in a mute, followed by jailing and potentially even a ban depending on the seriousness of the comments and statements made. 4. DonÔÇÖt advertise other servers. Failure to comply will result in being muted or jail time, kick or ban depending on how often and in what way you advertise the server. 5. Staff are expected to act in a certain way, without abusing their position or commands. If staff do abuse their powers, they will be demoted and possibly banned from the server. 6. Some items have minimum price. You must sell and buy these items at least at the minimum price. If you do not, you will be warned. This includes within your town. Not listening to the warning will result in may result in- the item being removed from your shop permanently, money being removed from your account, or your shop being closed. 7. In the same way as Hate Speech, if you create any builds that involve symbols of groups associated with hate speech, your build will be removed without warning. If you rebuild the offensive symbol again, you may be banned. ModPack Rules 1. Molecular Assembler Chambers or MACs must be kept to 5x5x5 or smaller. You will first receive a warning to make your MAC smaller and if you do not comply it may be removed without warning. 2. No Lag Machines or factories (Huge Solar Farms, Large Scarp Factories, Huge ME Systems, Pipe Networks etc). If a ÔÇÿLag FactoryÔÇÖ is found, it may be dismantled without warning. 3. Exploiting server bugs such as duplication bugs /griefing bugs could result in a kick from the server to a permanent ban, depending on the motive of the exploit. If you find an exploit and you notify staff about it as soon as you are able, you will not be punished for said exploit. If you discover an exploit that you do not report, you may be banned. Duplication glitches and exploits are grounds for an instant and permanent ban.
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