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  1. HZCity

    The Minigame Server Update

    I'm making a server where all the minigames ideas for theFantasyCraft server I am only whitelisting the owner for now, but if anyone wants to see the ideas, let me know The ip is: mc.hznetworks.cf:30000 btw Nothing is currently built, but I will be working on it right now
  2. HZCity

    I am bored, again

    I have noooooooooting to do #ForeverAlone Edit: I know what to write about (next post)
  3. HZCity

    I am bored

    yeah right
  4. HZCity

    I am bored

    I am bored, and I have nothing to do. Do you have an suggestion what I can do? Tell me in the comments Or do you want me to talk about something, tell me that in the comments to
  5. Duckys egg finally hatched He got twins Show ducky some love
  6. HZCity

    New Oil Company

    I'll be starting an Oil company, that will sell oil, mob essence and molten redstone. If you want any more liquids leave your suggestions in the comments The liquids will be sold through redmart. Small orders can be bought directly from the show, while bigger can be ordered from redmart owners or me myself... (Hannez04)
  7. HZCity

    The "New" Rules page

    [1] Be respectful to staff and players. [2] Don't maliciously grief other peoples creations. [3] Don't swear or use hate speach in the chat. [4] Don't advertise other servers IP address. ÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇ Items Can NOT be sold for less than the Minimum Prices You can NOT give minimum priced items away for free ÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇ No Molecular Assembler Chambers larger than 5x5x5 No Lag Machines or Factories, for example: - Huge Solar Farms, Large scrap factories - Huge ME Systems or Pipe Networks Your Base could be removed without warning' ÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇÔöÇ Exploiting server bugs such as duplication bugs. The server staff team has experienced people that know how to look for people who duplicate items by using glitches, if you are suspected of using such a bug, you will be investigated and if you are found to be duplicating then you will be Instantly Banned Forever
  8. So let's talk about the mining laser and it's ban, what pros and cons it has. My opinion is that it should be banned, but leave a comment with your opinion Pros: - Good for clearing out larger areas pretty fast if you don't have power armor with enchantments, since it only required the kit from yeomen, it was pretty easy to get - I used it to make more natural caves for my underground town, with the mode explosion... - Useful for mining Cons: - Bypasses towny which means greifing can be done without having access to the plots, although you have to be withing a chunk to actually reach anything. This can be prevented by claiming two chunks out but this causes high daily upkeep - Runs out of power quickly, the power tool can be much quicker than the mining laser if it's both enchanted and upgraded In my opinion, Cons wins. Bypassing towny allows greifing and nothing can beat that. Do you have another opinion or want to say something, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading
  9. HZCity

    The minigames server

    Sooo, prison is being replaced by minigames. So I and some server members have some ideas... - Tokens [Can be bought for money that is linked between servers, and can be turned back into money but you get a little less back, these tokens are used to gamble and buy items, the tokens can be acquired by doing parkour and other fun minigames. - Parkour [To earn tokens, the first time it┬┤s cleared it gives more than when it gets cleared again] - PvP [Two different pvp modes, 1. all against all, when you get a kill, you get an x amount of tokens. 2. 1v1 and 2x2, bets are placed by the players and the winner get's the tokens] Okay, that's all the suggestions and if you have any, leave them in the comments below ads by google Thanks for reading
  10. HZCity


    People should be able to restart the server if there is an issue, but It will only restart if atlest 30% of non afk players want is to. This is needed because I really need it right now...
  11. HZCity

    A new beginning

    The town is currently not public and won┬┤t be until we have progressed some in the game. I┬┤m also timelapsing some of it but It will come out later
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